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"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful."
attributed to Seneca the Younger, ca. 3 BCE - 65 CE

"Religion is poisoning the minds of people, with submission to an invisible power, represented by greedy rulers who only think of power and enriching themselves at the believer's expense."
One of myself

Welcome to my website: DutchHeretic.com
This is an English language Atheist website from the Netherlands showing the falsehood of religion and fighting the worldwide ignorance propagated by organized religion.
I also cannot stand liars hiding behind facades like bible and government to hide their true agenda.

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Though many  Americans credit this to their country, the Netherlands were the first country with a constitution that guaranteed freedom of religion and offered refuge to people who have fled the religious persecution by the Roman Catholic Church.

for the complete history.

This started in 1581 with the Dutch Declaration of independence from Spain and we have come quite a beacon of equality and religious tolerance in the world , right now over 56% of the population has been measured as people not affiliated to any church.
I think, as  a Dutch Atheist, this  is well in the next phase of this freedom and a time of new reason and  non religious freethinking people
The Netherlands as well as Northwest Mainland Europe are the good example of this awareness and with the atheist majority  a shining beacon of peace to the world ..

I have made this website to show people from other countries, mainly the USA, what we have learned in reason and tolerance


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On other websites  I have countless arguments with religious people who want me to prove things, and often I do frankly it a total waste of writing time and energy unless of course I publish this also on my website , you can read them clicking this link:

I have also made some sarcasm  illustrations you can use to rub something in.. (grinn)
They are not all about religion, but if you want to use them anywhere be my guest .
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