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October 20 2012. The Texas Free-thought Convention. This was the speech by Atheist video blogger AronRa from the steps of the state capital in Austin in witch  he referes to Gov Rick Perry's declaration of 'spiritual warfare' against secularists and atheists. for the website link to the charges AronRa is talking about.



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As an atheist I don't want to demolish churches,
I want to turn them in to buildings of knowledge and progress..
Me :)

Once serving as the church of St Matthew in Quebec, it is now the St Jean-Baptiste public library

And the Cardinal said to the King : " If you keep them poor, I will keep them ignorant " .

There are many versions of this conversation  between ruler and church but it all comes down to the same thing.  It has been like this for centuries, and in the dark ages populations of various countries suffered under sheer Christian terror as no means of torture were left unused to keep the fear of (for) god in  the people..

And see how devout the monks pray for the soul of the man they torture to death

OK religions changed but the misinforming and the suppressing of free thought is in the majority of  cases in the world still the same  since it started..

This picture shows the percentage of religious people in western Europe

However in North Western Europe many Christian streams  evolved to tolerant and well educated societies , As an example let me name my own country, The Netherlands where at present time, non-religious people are  the  majority of the population.  And the number of atheists is increasing every year. But as we all have been taught to be tolerant we live together with respect for each other's thoughts and opinions.

But, in the USA large numbers of Christians  have turned in to fanatic fundamentalist groups against science, against progress, against other religions. This Dutch website is directed at the USA and hopes to help the American freethinkers and atheists in their struggle against the ignorance and indoctrination of religion.

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