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Wars in the Bible
All neatly by verse number, yeah the "peaceful" bible , that's a joke by itself

Gen 14:1-20 Ex 17:8-15 Num 14:39-45 Num 21:1-3 Num 21:21-35 Num 31:1-8 Josh 6 Josh 7:1-12 Josh 8:1-24 Josh 10:1-13 Josh 10:28-43 Josh 11:1-23 Judges 1:1-5 Judges 1:8-2:3 Judges 3:8-10 Judges 3:12-30 Judges 3:31 Judges 4 Judges 6-7 Judges 12:1-6 Judges 13 Judges 18 Judges 20 Judges 21 1 Sam 4:1-11 1 Sam 7:3-11 1 Sam 14:47-48 1 Sam 15 1 Sam 17 1 Sam 18:1-19:8 1 Sam 23:1-5 1 Sam 27 1 Sam 30 1 Sam 28-29, 311 Cron 10:1-14 1 Chron 11-12 2 Sam 2-4 2 Sam 5:6-10 2 Sam 5:17-20 2 Sam 5:22-251 2 Sam 8:1-141 2 Sam 101 Chron 19-20 2 Sam 11-12 2 Sam 13-18 2 Sam 20 Sam 21:15-22

1 Kings 11 Solomon sins. God raises up Hadad the Edomite and Rezon son of Eliada as enemies (11:14, 23)
1 Kings 11-122 Chr 11 Rehoboam vs Jeroboam Civil War “the turn of events came from the LORD to carry out His word” (12:15)Rehoboam gathers army, but God says “You are not to march up and fight against your brothers, the Israelites. Each of you must return home, for I have done this.” (12:24) Kingdom splits
1 Kings 142 Chr 12:1-12 Judah vs Egypt Lost God says “You have abandoned Me; therefore, I have abandoned you into the hand of Shishak.” (2 Chr 12:4)God makes Judah become vassal of Egypt (2 Chr 12:8) Egypt sacked the Temple
2 Chron 13 Israel vs Judah Judah won “God routed Jeroboam and all Israel before Abijah and Judah.” (13:15)
2 Chron 14:10-14 Judah vs Cush Won “So the LORD routed the Cushites before Asa”
1 Kings 152 Chr 16 Judah vs Israel Judah won Judah make alliance with Aram (Aram breaks previous alliance with Israel). They defeat Israel.
1 Kings 20 Israel vs Aram Won God says “I am handing it over to you today so that you may know that I am the LORD.” (20:13)”Because the Arameans have said: The LORD is a god of the mountains and not a god of the valleys, I will hand over this entire immense horde to you. Then you will know that I am the LORD.” (20:28)
1 Kings 222 Chr 18 Israel & Judah vs Aram Lost Kings ask prophets of Baal, who say good idea.The Prophet Micaiah says that God is enticing Israel to fight because he has pronounced disaster on them (22:17-23)

They fight anyway, Ahab is killed (fulfils prophecy)

2 Kings 3 Israel & Judah vs Moab Won Elisha provides water for the armies. “This is easy in the LORD’s sight. He will also hand Moab over to you.” (3:18)
2 Chr 20 Judah vs Moabites, Ammonites, and Meunites Won Nation fasts. Jehoshaphat prays and tells them they will not even have to fight. Judah lines up and sings praises to God, and God causes the enemies to fight amongst themselves and kill each other (20:21-23)
2 Kings 6 Israel vs Aram Won God gives tactical direction (6:9)Aram sends men after Elisha, but God blinds them (6:18)
2 Kings 6:24-7:16 Israel vs Aram Won Aram besieges Samaria. God says he will break the siege and the hunger (7:1)God causes the Amarean’s to hear the sound of a large army and run away (7:6-7)
2 Kings 8:20-222 Chr 21:4-10 Judah vs Edom Lost Because king Jehoram has done evil in God’s sight (2 Chr 21:6, 10) Edom is still in rebellion to this day (8:22)

2 Kings 8:28-292 Chr 22:5-8 Israel & Judah vs Aram Result unspecified Israel’s king Joram is wounded. God then replaces him with Jehu (below)”Ahaziah’s downfall was from God” (2 Chr 22:7)
2 Kings 9-102 Chr 22:8-11 Joram vs Jehu (Judah) Civil War God anoints Jehu to replace Joram . Jehu then takes Israel in battle and kills Joram
2 Kings 10:32-33 Israel vs Aram Lost God causes Israel to lose battles and lose land (10:32)
2 Kings 13:1-5 Israel vs Aram Cycle Israel do evil, so God hands them over to Aram. But Israel return to him and he raises deliverer to protect Israel (11:4-5)
2 Chr 24:23-24 Judah vs Aram Lost “Although the Aramean army came with only a few men, the LORD handed over a vast army to them because the people of Judah had abandoned the LORD God” (24:24)
2 Kings 14:7 Judah vs Edom Won Killed 10,000 Edomites
2 Chr 25: 5-13 Judah vs Seirites Won Judah hires Ephraimites to help. Prophets tells him to send them home (25:7). He does and wins. Ephraimites sent home raid Judah.
2 Kings 14:8-142 Chr 25:17-24 Judah vs Israel Israel Won Judah picks fight with Israel. Israel warns that he will lose. Fights anyway and loses. Israel loots Temple
2 Kings 14:25-27 Israel vs Aram Won God allows Israel to restore borders previously lost
2 Chr 26:6-8 Judah vs Philistines, Meunites, Ammonites Won “God helped him against the Philistines” (26:7)
2 Kings 15:16 Israel vs Tiphash (?) Won Rips open pregnant women
2 Kings 15:19-20 Israel vs Assyria Treaty Assyria invades, Israel pays tribute and becomes vassal
2 Kings 15:29 Israel vs Assyria Lost Towns captured and people exiled
2 Chron 27:2-6 Judah vs Ammonites Won “Jotham strengthened himself because he did not waver in obeying the LORD his God.” (27:6)
2 Kings 16:5-62 Chr 28:5 Judah vs Aram Lost “the LORD his God handed Ahaz over to the king of Aram.” (2 Chr 28:5) Aram take towns. Judah asks Assyria for help, and swears allegiance. Assyria takes Damascus back.
2 Chr 28:5-13 Israel vs Judah Israel Won God hands Judah to Israel (28:5). Israel wins and takes slaves, but God says to send them home (28:9-11)
2 Chr 28:17-19 Judah vs Edom and Philistines Lost For the LORD humbled Judah because of King Ahaz of Judah, who threw off restraint in Judah and was unfaithful to the LORD. (28:19)
2 Kings 17:3-23 Israel vs Assyria Lost “The LORD removed Israel from His presence just as He had declared through all His servants the prophets.” (17:23) Refuse to pay tribute. Assyria conquers Samaria and deports people.
2 Kings 18:8 Judah vs Philistines Won “The LORD was with him” (18:7)
2 Kings 18-192 Chr 32 Judah vs Assyria Won God says “I will defend this city and rescue it for My sake and for the sake of My servant David.” That night the angel of the LORD went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. (19:34-35) Hezekiah rebelled against Assyria (18:7). When Assyria defeated Samaria, they continued into Judah and besiege Jerusalem.
2 Chr 33:9-13 Judah vs Assyria Lost God brought Assyria against Judah because Manasseh was evil (33:9-11). Manasseh was captured, repented, and God released him.
2 Kings 23:292 Chr 35:20-24 Judah vs Egypt Lost When Pharaoh spoke to Josiah, he spoke with God’s words (35:22) but Josiah ignored him. Egypt marches against Assyria. Judah fights Egypt, King Josiah is killed.Pharaoh dictates who are next few kings and Judah pays tribute (2 Kings 23:31-37).
2 Kings 24:12 Chr 36:608 Judah vs Babylon Lost Babylon conquers Judah and Judah becomes vassal. Then Judah rebels.
2 Kings 24:2-4 Judah vs Chaldeans, Arameans, Moabites, and Ammonites Lost “This happened to Israel only at the LORD’s command to remove them from His sight. It was because of the sins of Manasseh, according to all he had done” (24:3)
2 Kings 24:7-20 Judah v s Babylon Lost “Because of the LORD’s anger, it came to the point in Jerusalem and Judah that He finally banished them from His presence” (24:20) Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem and ti surrenders.First exile.
2 Kings 252 Chr 36:16-21 Judah v s Babylon Lost Judah rebels again (24:20). Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem and takes it.Second exile.