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Religion is like a computer virus
Religion is like a Computer virus ..
In a computer a Trojan-horse virus works undetected and alters the working of the computer so others can perform actions to influence the content on the hard drive and the actions and performance of the computer.


In a person, religion works undetected and makes a person susceptible to storing information in the consciousness that alters the natural thought pattern of this person so others can influence the behavior of this person..


For a computer there are anti virus programs that install knowledge in the computer to teach it how to detect and destroy this virus before it can do harm to the system..


For ta person there is factual education that installs information in the consciousness of the person so it can separate religious misinformation from reality..


Both computer virusses and religion are man made and these creators will constantly upgrade their means of deliverance of their mal-ware before the anti virus program / anti religion knowledge is installed..
In a computer viruses can be installed inside the installation program of the operating system..
In person is can be installed in their consciousness before their personality has fully developed (in children , as young as possible)


In both cases the virus become very difficult to combat without constant upgrading of the anti virus program / anti religion knowledge...

Both Religion and Computer viruses are malicious and should be handled with great suspicion and dealt with effectively so the computer can work without undesirable errors and a person can think for him/herself without outside influence.

Religion and Computer viruses can both do great damage to society and life in general ..

We do all to fight computer viruses and biological viruses,
why not the religious virus ?

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