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On other websites  I have countless arguments with religious people who want me to prove my statements, and all of the times  I do prove them, but frankly, most of the time it is a total waste of writing time and energy unless ofcourse I publish it here on my own website

Because I often get the impression that I am talking to a child when discussing science with a Christian, I make my explanations in a way so a child can understand, it is a lot of work but fun to do, I hope you will enjoy the simplicity of my arguments, for comments you can always mail me using the contact button , or comment in my guestbook.

 Prove the Big Bang happened  A girl challenged me to prove that the Big Bang really happened. she promised me to be openminded and I started to work.  klick on the link and read my explanation....

The Jesus Christ myth In a discussion about the existence or myth of Jesus christ  some one challenged me to prove him wrong, I started to do some research and found a page with overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ is nothing more than a developed politically Roman / Jewish story. I copied the page here (the source website is at the bottom and alo very interesting reading material)

Religion is like a computer virus I also made a video about this subject after it struck me that religion is very much like a comoutervirus, beause it influences the performance and actions of the one infected

The Pope a symbol of peace ? think again In March 2012  pope retired Benedict XVI, something that hasn't happened in 600 year, there are rumours of yet another sex scandal but wil will probablie never know the truth...time for a discussion about the whole Pope penomenon ? the Pope as a symbol of peace ? Think again!

How many gods are there or have there been ?
Someone asked me how many other gods I knew of that do not exist and I did some googliing and found this huge list, HUGE but yet FAR from complete complete. Take a look at it to see of your god is somewhere in this list 




.....more will follow